Miss Leslie is a Mentor Coach for  the West Coast ACT-SO Regional Winners.

2020 Regional Winner, violist Solomon  Leonard, delivered an elegant and enchanting Prelude from the Bach C major Cello Sonata.

Due to Covid19 , the ACT-SO National Finals could not be held in Boston, so all competition performances  were filmed  and submitted for judging. Silver lining: Solomon has an incredible souvenir for his conservatory applications!

Coached West Coast Regional  winner Victor Epko to the  National Semi Finalist spot on Bach solo sonatas.

Victor Ekpo & Jonathan at Robert Cauer Violins, picking out a violin to play in Florida for the ACT-SO National FInals.

Coached the 2019 ACT-SO West Coast Winner, Askari Firth,   on La Folia to the Nationals in Detroit, Michigan.

On set coach for Mike and Molly, “Molly’s Birthday” episode.

Taught Isabella Haydn, Level 4 & 7 Royal Conservatory National Winner  

Past Students of Miss Leslie have gone on to Carnegie Mellon, Claremont McKenna, Boston University and Colorado College.