Suzuki Method Violin lessons for children and adults

The Monthly Practice Tip:

When you are practicing, you are working in a Time Block. To help you (and your parent) focus, and show each other that you are important to each other, Turn Off Your Cell Phone!
Let the voicemail be in charge of messages, and you will find it easier to stay present, concentrate on the job at hand, and nurture the most important human in your life

This months Inspirational Quote:

“Telephones are not a sign of power, they’re a sign of subservience.”
– Doug Pappas, baseball writer and researcher, 1962 – 2004


Miss Leslie is performing on this Pasadena Concert!
LA Jewish Symphony Chamber Players, 7pm, Sunday, October 29th for the Boston Court Series. Mark Kashper, violin, Leslie Katz, violin, Barry Gold, cello, Zinovy Goro, clarinet, Wendy Prober, piano, Dr. Noreen Green, conductor

Composer Rag:


Leslie Brown Katz and Oscar
“Malibu Friends of Music” post concert treat: a close encounter with one of nine Oscar’s awarded to Alfred Newman. This one was for Camelot in 1968.
Did you know that it weighs over 12lbs?!
Another great reason to keep your work outs going as a musician!