Suzuki Method Violin lessons for children and adults

“As always, I admire your students’ professionalism both musically and with their etiquette!!! Additionally, your whole vision of pairing the pieces with recipes was brilliant. You always present a fun, invigorating, enjoyable recital!!! (I’m jealous you weren’t my piano teacher)
Lisa Edwards, concert pianist, collaborator and coach

Happy Holidays!

Wishing all you Fiddlers some happy Sidewalk Serenades!
Surprise the neighbors by playing your Holiday Tune outside their Front Door!  Then have fun making some Fiddle Recipes!  Enjoy this Freebie from Me to You!

Reindeer Rhythm Cookies   Up On The Housetop – Bass Line & Lyrics


This months Quote to Ponder:

“Your excuse  is nothing more than a nail in your House of Failure”

Francine Peterson, Bassoon Professor Marrowstone Festival

“November to Remember Recital”  – celebrating our first live playing together! Review solos and New tastes featuring excerpts from “The FOur Seasons” and making our own Gondolas, a la Curious George!

Studio News!

WE ARE PLAYING TOGETHER  ON THE PORCH!  Lessons & Group Class. Temperature checks, Masks and Hand-washing keeping us healthy!  Isn’t is great to be free of Sore Throats and Colds!!

ANYONE Can Have LONG DISTANCE LESSONS too!   Keep it going no matter where your practice room is OR if you just can’t stand being in the traffic! Miss Leslie has fresh ears for your Violin Playing, whether your are changing teachers, prepping for College Audition videos, Need a Mid-week Practice Pal,  or just plain Stuck at Home!

Email for further lesson Info.

The Monthly Practice Tip:

The FIRST Five Minute Focus  is where the most work is accomplished!

Half the problem is just getting started, or thinking that you don’t have enough time. If you have time to check your Texts, Twitter, Instagram or FaceBook, You Have Time for  one excerpt! Keep your case open, or hang your instrument on the wall.         

Do More Than None!

Turkey Review Challenge

PRACTICE-A-THON 2021 is underway! –   From Thanksgiving to New Years,  we challenge each other to tuck in a “Six Minute Sizzle” every day. Seesaw is our landing pad for all this creativity.  15 days of Practice Videos earn you a Nutcracker prize! Last year our hilarious Grand Prize was an Otamatone!     (What a hack for shifting practice!)

Congratulations to  Lydia, our 2020 Practice-a-thon Grand Prize Winner!


RUMPLED REALITY: PJ Practice Videos with Miss Leslie.  Don’t worry about losing your lesson notes, just  choose a nugget and follow along. Practice done! Check.

FaceTime, Zoom and Seesaw – Our tools for Staying Safe and Connected!   As the need for Online Lessons  continues,  “Seesaw” is our latest  enhancement to promote Creativity, engage our whimsy buttons,  and understand the music better Between Lessons!



ASHOKAN FAREWELL  our grand studio project  united us in lieu of our 2020 Formal Recital.    Violinists  from every step of  their Twinkle Trail play together from their individual homes.

Did You Know?

Miss Leslie can play Violin and spin a Hula Hoop at the same time!



  Email for further lesson Info.

Here’s a little peek at what  can happen at Pre-School!



Did you know that an Oscar weighs over 12lbs?!
Another great reason to keep your work outs going as a musician!

Leslie Brown Katz and Oscar
“Malibu Friends of Music” post concert treat: a close encounter with one of nine Oscar’s awarded to Alfred Newman. This one was for Camelot in 1968.